Fertility Fair
9-10 March 2013
Expo XXI Centre
Warsaw, Poland
In association with:

"Association for Treating Infertility
and Supporting Adoption"
Patroni Medialni:

Dreaming of a baby ...

Are you craving for a baby and you'd like to prepare yourselves for this ?

Despite being healthy, you have encountered some problems with conceiving a child in a natural way ?  

Are you facing an infertility problem, and you are already being treated ? 

Do you need a professional, who will answer questions preoccupying your mind, regarding the conception of your desired baby ?  

You will find the answers when you come to

the International Fertility Fair 

under the patronage of Professor of Medicine in Gynecology and Endocrinonology 

Prof. Sławomir Wołczyński 

We are happy to invite you to our first International Fertility Fair in Poland, where many Polish and foreign Exhibitors will gather to present
their wide range of products and services, 
which improve men’s and women’s fertility. 

Why have we organized The International Fertility Fair ?

We aspire to implement the principle included in the Article no. 16 of the Human Rights Declaration, which says: "The right to have offspring is a basic right of every human."

We assume and believe, that every method is a proper one, as long as it helps to achieve the desired goal – a healthy baby.

We do not pursue either political or religious interests.

We do not value or assess any of the available methods, we simply invite all specialists, who offer any kind of support in fighting infertility problems.

Our principle goal is to provide access to invaluable knowledge about the available methods, leaving a free choice for everyone at the same time. 

Because of the significance of the infertility problem nowadays, and the fact that it affects many people not only in Poland but within the all of Europe, in 2013 the International Fertility Fair exhibition will also take place in other European cities, i.e. Lisbon and Copenhagen.   

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